About nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches is being used the same way as swedish snus,
but the difference is that it is free of tobacco.

Nicotine pouches are a much healthier way to obtain nicotine than, for example cigarettes.
Because it is tobacco free it does not stain your teeth.
Nicotine pouches is very discreet so you can use it when working, travelling, at the gym or anywhere you want.

Free of tobacco.
Good kick of nicotine
Great substitute to cigarettes

Lung cancer is a major risk for smokers. By switching to nicotine pouches, it minimizes the risk. The same amount of nicotine can be taken without exposing the airways to carbon monoxide and other bad substances. A lot of smokers see nicotine pouches as a great substitute to cigarettes instead of other nicotine products like vaporizers, plasters and nicotine spray.

The pouches are all white, which means it is free from tobacco and does not stain your teeth. It contains natural fibers, nicotine, chew base filler and fresh flavours.

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Which strength should I choose?

We have categorized the nicotine pouches into three different categories based on how experienced you are in using nicotine products.


If you haven’t tried nicotine or just uses nicotine now and then.
Strength: Mellow

Regular basis

If you use any kind of nicotine products on a regular basis.
Strength: Mellow and normal



If you use any kind of nicotine products daily and are used to have a package or a can nearby all the time.
Strength: Normal, strong and extra strong